Because you can always Google when and who built this and that, but just a local native guide will find the “keys” to show you unexpected places. A Contrada (town neighborhood and team in the Palio) –  or a private collection of art – are usually not opened to the public, but walking with your “friend in town” doors will open.
Italy Italy Italy… connections connections connections! No App available for that jet!
Come and explore places not included in the typical tour, hidden delights known only to locals.
Your itinerary will be customized to emphasize your preferences.
Let yourself having a relaxed walk with a friend in town!
Be a traveler not just a tourist.
Let’s enjoy art, nature, food and  habits of Italy. Let’s talk about the past as well as the present.


Based on a 20 years experience in tour leading, Elena Sardelli offers classic and alternative excursions around her native home-town, and its surroundings. Born in Siena, she studied at the local University and got a PhD in Linguistics. Still involved in research, she gives lessons and seminars during winter, while in spring and summer she is busy with her private tours. Art, history and travelling have always been her passion, taking her around the world, from Australia to Asia and America. In the last six years though she spends most of her time in town, due to her sweet child, Dante!

All tours mentioned will be given by Elena, according to her availability. Other colleagues might substitute her, in which any case you’ll be informed, with contacts and telephone numbers.

Elena is not a travel agent and she is not charging extra fees for the other services provided. Meals, coffee breaks and entrance fees must be paid separately and in cash.

If you are a group of friends, a family or a corporation, Elena can help you with your logistics and itinerary. Try to plan your own journey and schedule!

Extra travel agency support can be provided, thanks to professionals she works with, based in California or in Tuscany.